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Fragmentary historical information indicates that the farmyard could have existed even in medieval times. However, we do not have any solid ground to support that theory. We can only hypothetically suppose that it was located on a simillar spot as it is today (i.e. South of the castle). We were not able to identify any construction details (not even second hand used) to be older than the renaissance ones. First historical notion of this feudal dwelling is dated back to 1541. According to this, there was a stronghold with economy yard in Dobrovice.

Very important remains of renaissance construction period have been preserved till today. We can state their time of origin thanks to general typological traits (layout), construction (arches, timber truss), decorative elements (gable) and also using dendrochronological research. It showed that the timber for the construction was made between 1568 and 1578. These dates definitely state the time of finishing the construction. It is clear that it belongs to the period of general upswing of Dobrovice and its local feudal dwelling time of erection. It was a period of a long rule of Jindřich of Valdštejn (Wallenstein) and his wife Anna, born of Vartemberk, who owned Dobrovice from the first half of the 16th century until their death in 1579. At the same time was built Dobrovice town hall in renaissance style, church (1569 – 1571), so called regent's house and residual castle itself (castle's ceilings date back to 1578 and 1581). A brewery with malt house belonged to the economy yard as well. Finalising works were carried out after Jindřich's death during wardenship rule and Jindřich's sons Vilém Vok and Henyk of Valdštejn. Renaissance yard was situated opposite the castle being built at the same period. In 70s and 80s of 16th century was built long north wing, containing a passage, stables on the ground floor and a granary on the first floor. On the top of all that, there was a three-flat housing unit. Two two-storey buildings were perpendicularly adjacent to this wing. They both contained a flat each. The layout of the buildings is interesting, as the main building with its wings create 'a yard of honor'. Outside walls, foundation of internal layout, wagon-vault with three-sided wedges and ribs, gable of north-east wing and mainly timber truss above the granary of archaic type all come from the renaissance period.

A lot of construction adjustments were made in baroque period. Most significant was construction of economy building (west wing), connected on its south side with the renaissance wing. One-storey building contained thee-aisled cross-vault and according to its layout signs it could have served as a sheep-fold. In the 60s of the 18th century the residential building was restored (north-east wing), its timber truss was changed.

Towards the end of the 18th century a new wing was added to the older renaissance building. The new part also contained a traditional flat. The first floor's disposition was solved in much more modern way together with the one of the older west wing. The hallway became the core of the disposition, with habitable rooms adjacent to it in the both wings. The new east wing was fitted with late baroque shaped gable. Economy farm yard in Dobrovice is listed in the central list of real estate cultural heritage. Moreover, it is an integral part of Dobrovice castle, which is a significant cultural heritage itself. The yard is , despite its somewhat modest looks, exceptionally valuable architecture with prevailing renaissance, baroque and classicist disposition. It is an important display of historical economy yard in Mlada Boleslav and Central Bohemia region (together with gothic-renaissance yard close to the nearby castle of Zvířetice). Its origin dates back to the first half of the 16th century. Renaissance construction period preserved to a unusually high extent makes the Dobrovice economy yard one of the most important historical landmarks of its kind in the Central Bohemia region.

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