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Dobrovická muzea welcome you

Museum of sugar industry, distillery, beet growing and the city of Dobrovice

Opening hours
(year round)

Mon - Sun 9 am - 5 pm (24. - 25. 12., 31.12. - 1. 1. CLOSED)



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Our exposure

Exposition of Sugar Industry

Main aim of this section is to present the history of sugar making in what we today call the Czech republic from the very beginning. You can see various types of loaves, cubes, or even a giant sugar cube as big as 1 cubic metre. You will learn what mollases or sirob is and you will get to know famous personalities in the field of sugar making. 

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Exposition of Distillery

Another part of the Museum shows the Czech distillery tradition, the beginnings of which go back to the 14thcentury. You will be able to examine various types of distilleries, from small, fruit-distilling units up to industrial facilities, as well as their products.

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Exposition of Beet Farming

This exposition is going to guide you through development of sugar beet growing development in what we today call the Czech republic, which started more than 200 years ago. You will get to know natural growing conditions, seeds samples, beet root models, ways of harvesting, breeding methods and global importance of beet seeds production. We will offer exotic area of growing sugar cane, which is on live display.

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Exposition of Dobrovice town

This exhibition offers artefacts clearly linked to Dobrovice and its surroundings, documents mapping the past and present life of the town, archaeological findings, photographs, writings and drawings. The biggest attraction is a sculpture from the younger Stone Age, the Dobrovice Lamb.

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The area of the farm yard in Dobrovice is registered in the central list of immovable cultural monuments. In addition, it is part of the Dobrovice castle, which is another important cultural monument. Despite its somewhat unremarkable external appearance, the courtyard is an extremely valuable piece of architecture with a predominantly Renaissance, Baroque and Classicist layout. In the Mladá Boleslav region and in Central Bohemia, it is (together with the Gothic-Renaissance manor house at the nearby Zvířetice Castle) an important example of a farm complex whose origins date back to the second half of the 16th century at the latest. 

The Renaissance building phase, preserved on such an unusually large scale, makes the farmstead in Dobrovice one of the most important monuments of its kind in Central Bohemia.

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