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Another part of the Museum shows the Czech distillery tradition, the beginnings of which go back to the 14thcentury. You will be able to examine various types of distilleries, from small, fruit-distilling units up to industrial facilities, as well as their products. Various stages of alcohol production are shown, as well as the relevant production processes themselves. You will be surprised by how far back bio-ethanol history goes. Models of distilleries are also on display, and wonderful to look at.

Come and See

  • History of the Czech distillery
  • Fruit distilleries, agricultural and industrial distilleries
  • Alcohol production and its stages
  • Czech Distillery Industry Association and its members
  • Bio-fuels

Opening hours
(year round)

Mon - Sun 9 am - 5 pm (24. - 25. 12., 31.12. - 1. 1. CLOSED)

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