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Development of cultural activities in Dobrovice

EUleaderprogram rozvoje venkovaboleslavsko

The implementation of the project Development of cultural activities in Dobrovicko was supported by the Rural Development Programme - Operation 19.2.1. within the framework of the Community-led Local Development Strategy of the LAG Boleslavsko. The aim of Operation 19.2.1 is to support projects of final applicants fulfilling the objectives of the SCLLD of the respective LAG. 

The amount of the subsidy is 80% of the total eligible expenditure, of which 64% is the EU contribution and 36% is the contribution from national sources. The aim of the project is to develop cultural activities in Dobrovicko

The project will renovate 20 exhibition panels and add a hanging system and other furnishings for exhibitions, as well as increase the capacity of the hall by purchasing another 20 chairs, thus expanding its possibilities of use for schools, foreign visitors and the general public. The renewal of the technical equipment (purchase of a data projector, charging case with transmitter and receivers, electronic audio guide) will enable its full use in the years to come. Monitoring the indoor environment with a luxmeter and a hygrometer with thermometer will ensure that the optimal conditions in the listed buildings are maintained at all times.

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